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How we work

SGE Helicopters was founded with the view of helping farming and forestry clients obtain maximum production and profitability from their land through targeted application of agricultural chemicals and the spreading of granula fertilisers.
Having originated from agricultural backgrounds, the team at SGE Helicopters understand the time, passion and expense involved for the client when undertaking aerial agricultural operations. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality service with accurate, effective and economic results every time. We understand the seasonal nature of the agricultural sector and demonstrate versatility and adaptability depending on conditions and customer requirements.
To achieve high quality outcomes, we utilise state of the art equipment and software together with the experience and expertise of our pilots and grounds staff.
SGE Helicopters is an Australian owned and operated small business with a passion for farming and agriculture and guarantee you will be met with a reliable and professional service every time.

Our services

Agricultural spraying

Agricultural chemicals are applied via sophisticated nozzle technologies reducing drift and damage to land or crops. Nozzles are job specific and are selected and fitted depending on the target of the application. Our state of the art spray systems allow for application rates varying between 10LT/ha to 250 LT/ha. The versatility of the helicopter enables the effective application of sprays and fertilisers in remote and hard to access locations.
SGE Helicopters utilise GPS Tracmap technology to ensure precision in mapping and recording which we can then provide to the customer.

Aerial surveying

Aerial surveying is a method of collecting geomatics or other imagery via aircraft. Through the use of the helicopter, accessibility is optimised and difficult to reach locations can be analysed.

Animal control

Culling programs can be implemented utilising helicopters to provide effective animal population control measures. We offer skilled pilots and commercially certified skilled shooters to ensure an increase in time and cost effectiveness.

Granula and seed application

Our equipment is purpose built for precise application of fertiliser, seed and other granula products. We ensure the even distribution of any product onto controlled areas optimising application, reducing waste and reducing noxious weed transfer. Aerial application is a cost effective, versatile and timely method of managing land while maximising yield through a reduction in ground compaction.

Service map diagram

SGE Helicopters are committed to providing a quality service, precision application and aim for 100% customer satisfaction. Our pilot uses the latest GPS TracMap technology enabling the most precise and efficient distribution of our services. With the use of TracMap systems, our pilot can map the precise location and record covered areas with the highest accuracy. We then provide all maps and records to our customers demonstrating aerial views of distribution and coverage.


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